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    How Dr-Chew® is made
  • Dr-Chew® is made of freshly harvested, selected, completely peeled, fully cooked and air dried sweet potato ONLY without any additives and preservatives. The products and process are all natural.

    The farms where we get sweet potatoes for Dr-Chew® are GlobalGap certified.

    The plants where we get Dr-Chew® are processed have HACCP program.

    Dr-Chew® has been sampled and inspected by
    FDA, The United State
    CFIA, Canadian Food Inspection Agency
    EFSA, European Food Safety Authority
    AQIS, Australia quarantine Inspection Service
    Agriculture Department of Japan

    Dr-Chew® is GMO free and gluten free.
    Dr-Chew® is organic certified by JONA of Japan.

  • Products Information
    Dr-Chew® is 100% sweet potato, 100% natural
    Rich in beta-carotene, C, B6 and E
    High in dietary fiber, low in fat and calories
    Good source of potassium, calcium and iron
    100% dissolvable

  • Chemical Properties
    Crude ProteinMin. 4.0%
    Crude FatMin. 0.5%
    Crude FiberMax. 5.0%
    MoistureMax 15.0%

  • Physical Properties
    Odor: Cooked Sweet Potato
    Color: Yellowish to brown

  • Ingredient
    Cooked Sweet Potato

  • Shelf life & Storage Conditions
    36 months stored in a cool and dry place and away from odorous material.

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